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William Delaney
William Delaney
Medical Director: Siefert and Ford Clinic
Program Director: Primary care residency program.
Danbury hospital 28 years of working experience


““I fully endorse the medical aspect of this program. Adherence to these recommendations is the key to successful prevention and control of problems involving blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.”


DVD/ CD Content

  1. Making the case:

    Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol
    Obesity and heart disease
    Obesity and cancers
    Obesity, sex and fertility
    Obesity, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, Heart Burn and more
    Obesity and life expectancy

  2. Weight Loss Basics

    What is BMI
    Understanding Calories
    Setting realistic weight loss goals.

  3. Smart Diet

    Cutting 500 calories/day to loss 20lb in 5 months without breaking a sweat

  4. African Food: Cutting out 500 Calories/day and increasing fruits and veggie intake

    Avoid Junk
    Carbohydrates: the elephant in the room
    Proteins: Moderation is everything
    Oils: Choice Matters

  5. Ten (10) Cancer Causing foods you are eating right now.

  6. Physical Activity: The most potent an yet unfilled Prescription

  7. Overcoming Chronic Diseases with lifestyle changes

    Beating Diabetes with Lifestyle changes
    Beating Hypertension with Lifestyle changes
    Beating High Cholesterol with Lifestyle changes