Healthy Diet Saved My Husband and my Family

I am a middle aged African woman who gives this account on the world of a difference dietary lifestyle change has made not only in my life but that of my dear husband and children.

My husband was diagnosed with an irreversible autoimmune disease a few years ago. This was a serious condition in which the body makes proteins against itself. With time, the disease attacked his lungs, and many other organ systems. Even the doctors were uncertain of his management, prognosis or how long he was going to live.

The diagnosis and the ensuing series of events completely shook my world and my household. From a dietary standpoint, while we were not the type who ate much fast food, or even ate out on a regular basis, we did enjoy the normal, home-cooked meals that the average African home was accustomed to. Outside of my husband’s condition, no one in my household had much concern in the area of dietary related issues such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or any of the typical issues attributed to poor diet. All of this changed for the better when I was referred to a naturalist. At first, both my husband and I were skeptical about the whole idea. However, given the dire nature of our situation, we were willing to give anything a try.

What an eye-opening visit it was! The physician exposed us to many enlightening truths both biblical and scientifically, on the benefits of indulging in a diet exclusively consisting of natural fruits and vegetables. He also talked about ways that natural foods can actually rebuild dead cells and properties within the body. He challenged my husband to “go raw,” which meant to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables for an entire two-week span and return with a report of his condition. In addition to this, he advised my husband that since his condition impacted his respiratory system, that he should immediately discontinue milk. He explained that one of the largest causes of asthma is found in the cow fat found in milk. The challenge, to say the least was very difficult for my husband. Imagine, the meats and soups and rice centered meals that he knew and loved would all be gone in exchange for fruits in the morning, veggies in the afternoon and salads at night. However, he was committed to giving it a try.

To my utmost joy, within a week he began to express signs of increased energy and even somewhat improved breathing. I even saw it in the way he was able to move around and take care of things around the house for himself. Enjoying this improvement, he was encouraged to complete the challenge given to him by the doctor and to even go beyond two weeks. After nearly two years of remaining consistent with this lifestyle change, his health is stable; he maintains great vital signs, weight and is able to do many things that he couldn’t do when he was first diagnosed.
His decision to continue with this lifestyle change motivated me to also find creative ways to adapt to a better dietary lifestyle for myself and my children. While we did not do a complete overhaul like my husband, there were a number of changes that we made that I believe has contributed to the overall improved health of my entire household. Those change include:

1. Switching from 2% milk to Almond milk and or Coconut milk (Homemade)
2. Using variations of Olive, Coconut, Peanut and Avocado oils to cook and fry(done very seldomly)
3. Using Basmati rice or Brown rice instead of Jasmine rice.
4. Baking/broiling meats and fish instead of frying.
5. Using gluten free products for breads, pastas, pancakes, etc.
6. Using organic products and farm purchased meats

In no way am I giving this testimony to sounds as though making this dietary lifestyle change is a piece of cake. Nor am I saying that it happens at the drop of a hat or flick of a switch. Much of this takes a commitment and a genuine desire to want to ensure that you leave a healthy dietary legacy for not only your generation, but your children’s. I profess with 100% certainty that this dietary change along with prayer, faith and the right frame of mind has made all the world of a difference in my husband’s condition. I am confident that these changes will not only impact my life and that of my husband but will be seeds sown in our children which will manifest in their families and the generations to follow. I attribute this to fundamental dietary changes that I “chose” make.

Thank you.

Happy family enjoying a healthy meal together at home in the kit

A Grateful Wife and Mother