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  1. Weight Gain is considered a sign of good health and wealth in Africa.
  2.  Weight Gain is a blessing from God.
  3.  When you have a large stature you are taken more seriously.
  4.  Ghanaians call “big” people “Tintin Gramo” or Okesea meaning big and tall or huge. Leaner people are called “lenge lenge” meaning skinny but this carries a stigma of poor nutrition or poverty.
  5. Pot Bellies are called the “Sikafuo” meaning belly of wealth.
  6. A married woman who does not gain weight is either in a bad marriage or is married to a poor man.

Interestingly all the above are inaccurate and contrary to the truth.
Overweight and obesity are actually markers of poor health.
Obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease, cancers and strokes which happen to be the three leading causes of death among people of African origin.
Finally obesity has been associated with increased in all causes of mortality.  As your BMI (weight) increases, your chances of dying early increases.
With this knowledge, it is inconceivable that God will “bless” anyone with obesity. He gives us just the right weight for our heights.

You can now check your BMI or how well your weight correlates with your height here. You can also learn tips on weight loss specifically for people of African origin.  Weight loss tips that have worked for others may be shared in the comments sections. Together we can all transform our lives through lifestyle modifications. God bless you…


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